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Neck Pain Is a Pain in the Neck

The average adult human head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for your neck to hold up!

The neck, also known as the cervical spine, contains 7 vertebrae that bear the weight of your head. While the neck is extremely flexible, this feature is also the reason it is so susceptible to pain. 

If any of the vertebrae shift out of alignment, they can push on the nerves in your neck and cause pain. Awkward positions, sleeping wrong, or forcing your neck beyond its normal range of motion are all things that can result in shifted neck vertebrae. 

When neck pain is a pain in your neck, get in touch with Life Effect Centers today. Dr. Bai has the experience needed to get you back to functional form. 

When Do I Need Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors specialize in the neuromuscular structure of the neck. You should see a chiropractor for neck pain if:

  • Your neck pain or stiffness does not improve after a few days
  • You cannot turn your head without pain
  • You take over-the-counter medications to treat pain
  • You’re worried that your neck pain may have a serious cause
  • You feel numbness or tingling in your hands or wrists
  • Your neck pain started within a few days of a car accident

If any of the above are true for you, book an appointment with Dr. Bai today.

Text Neck

Smartphone use is on the rise in the United States. Shopping, entertainment, social time, games, and consuming media are consuming plenty of time. 

With smartphone use comes “text neck”—the stress on your neck and spine that happens when your head is bent forward, looking at your device. The head that once weighed a dozen pounds exerts roughly 60 pounds of force when your neck is bent at a 60-degree angle. 

When looking at your smartphone, be sure to hold the device at eye level. You should also take regular breaks from screen time and stretch frequently. 

For more text neck mitigation strategies, book an appointment with Life Effect Centers. 

Causes of Neck Pain

As we age, everyday wear and tear begins to have an impact on the body. Aside from the normal aging process, neck pain could be caused by several instigating factors.

Osteoarthritis is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage at the ends of the bones of your joints. It is a degenerative disease and can cause chronic pain over time. Chiropractic can help relieve this pain by maximizing joint function and mobility.

Spinal stenosis can be related to osteoarthritis. It is the narrowing of the spaces in your spine, which can put pressure on nerves.

Spinal discs help your back stay flexible. The discs can break down over time, either by drying out due to water loss as you age, or they can tear, crack, or bulge as a result of daily movement. If your disc degeneration is not at an advanced stage, your chiropractor can reduce inflammation and improve function.

Sudden movements of the head or neck, particularly in the case of whiplash, can cause severe pain. Chiropractic care can restore function and relieve pain.


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