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Aching Head?

Headaches are common. Most everyone gets a headache at some time in their life. The pain is usually mild and localized, diminishing in time. If a headache is chronic, recurring, or causes intense pain that is debilitating, it can be a sign of something serious. 

Even if your headache has gone away, you should still consider a chiropractic assessment. Just like a car doesn’t always make the same noise when you bring it to a mechanic, pain does not always show up when it is time to visit the chiropractor. 

This does not mean, however, that the underlying issue has been addressed. Because there are many causes for headaches of varying degrees, they will often return if the problem is not resolved. Repeat visits are recommended to help retrain and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and head.

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Types of Headaches

The 2 major types of headaches:

  • Migraines: These can cause nausea and sensitivity to light and sound and are common symptoms.
  • Tension headaches: Pain on both sides of the head that may be associated with muscle pain.

Both of these types of headaches can be more than just annoying. They can interfere with daily activities and quality of life, such as vision and bodily functions. They can cause pain and sensation elsewhere in the body and even contribute to mood and personality changes.


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